Sample Data

Finding spray cards with sufficiently fine stains to experiment with can be a challenge, so a range of samples are provided here for your unlimited use.

There are 48 sample files at full resolution, so the total set is nearly 2 gigabytes. you may download them as a set or access them individually via Google Drive.

The Google Drive folder contains the following readme text:

There are 4 folders, each containing 12, 2 cm^2 images scanned at 4800 DPI resolution.

You may access the files individually on Google drive or download the entire set; testscans. ZIP file is included for your convenience here.

These scans were from KromekoteĀ® collectors sprayed with .2% Rhodamine WT 20% grade tracer. Application was made by 4 different methods that created 4 different droplet spectra. A 5th folder with a scan of a blank, unsprayed Kromekote card is also included.

When sprayed, these cards were stratified through a canopy of approximately 60-70 cm height. They are labelled by the following:

Convention: A-B-C-D_00XX

  • A= Sprayer type, 1-5

  • B= replication (Legacy data that is not relevant here)

  • C= canopy strata (Lower, Middle, Upper). Lower was within 10 cm of the ground, upper was at or near the top of the canopy, middle was as close to the midpoint as possible.

  • D= Side of collector (Bottom or Top).

  • 00XX= Sampler number within the replication.